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Steel Hunter

Back in Austin from Toronto, and recently I took one of what has been many visits to Westbrook metal, my favorite purveyor here in Austin. This isn’t Yelp, but those guys do their jobs well and treat an interloper like myself with respect. I am an oddity in that place… most of the folks in there are contractors who are buying steel in bulk… clipboard, manifest, order.. and out. I peruse. It took me a long time to understand which sheets work well and which ones don’t and its nearly impossible to tell them apart because the production processes for steel are designed to produce in conformity. I will spend up to an hour pouring through the racks and stacks looking for a specific heat signature or type of steel. I get lost in it and when I leave and it seems like only minutes have gone by.  From time to time I hear one of the guys in the back say “Here comes tha looker!” I know what it is like to hold the clipboard, but when it comes to my art,  I measure my success in treasured moments and  captured visions. It feels both good and right to be out of place when being out of place means I am in my own space. -the looker Somewhere in Southern Ontario

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