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Anonymous Artist, Austin Texas

A lot of art gets purchased anonymously, even more gets sold anonymously although I haven’t experienced that. The collector of this piece didn’t purchase it anonymously but asked that I keep their identity anonymous. Interestingly enough a friend of mine was consulting at this company, and after seeing this piece a number of times looked at the signature. She sent me this photo and asked “is this yours?” Yes it is!

I initially felt like I had some strange paternal right to know who is purchasing the work. You don’t even get the right to know where your child is going if you give it up for adoption. What made me think I had any right to know anything about any collector? Anyway, It took some cycles to get over that, now I’m just thankful when the work gets out there, gets seen, shared and interacted with.

3 eight foot panels. Images of steel and mill scale that have been transferred to sheets of acrylic glass hung as a tight triptych.


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