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1. Understand

I like to have an initial conversation to gain an understanding of the needs of the collector. This varies greatly but includes basic things like size, timeline etc. If the collector hasn’t already chosen a series then we will review which series they would like the piece from. Pieces have ranged from 20+ foot pieces for corporate lobbies to a floor to ceiling piece inserted into a sliding wall for a private residence. The pieces tend to be on acrylic glass and in the 6-8 foot and larger range but I am open to the specific needs of each situation.

2. Validate

In the 2nd step I will create a rendering of the piece based on their chosen series and dimensions to insure I captured what was discussed in Step 1. Half of the payment for the piece is made before making the work.

3. Deliver

Many of my corporate collectors are working towards a launch or build related time constraints so even fine artists have processes and deadlines! I will deliver what is expected when its expected.  

Size and Material

Size: Pieces are typically 4′ x 8′ and often larger, up to 7′ x 10′ or multiple 4’x8′ pieces together. Size is simply driven by collectors needs and as my client base has gotten larger it seems so has their spaces and their needs. In general I will work 4′ x 4′ and larger.

Material: The works are created on Steel but the final piece of artwork is a sheet of acrylic glass with a backer, rear frame and hanger hardware. Additional detail in the About page.