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(Click on the title above to see full post) Working on a new series with a new technique. Taking old Japanese Suminigashi technique and completely transformed it using ground pigments, carageenan, sea-weed extract, acrylic film and high resolution optics. I am very excited… here is a preview below and a link to the instagram account:

Abstract art austin texas christopher crane in process

Abstract art texas chris crane

Not shipped yet and managed to grap a few shots of this artwork before it left.      

Abstract Art Austin Texas Christopher Crane Installation, Baker Tilly

contemporary abstract art austin texas christopher crane


Protractor and other Art Pieces from Christopher Crane

contemporary modern abstract art austin texas christopher crane

contemporary modern abstract art austin texas christopher crane

Contemporary modern abstract art Austin Texas Christopher Crane Installation, REIT headquarters

Abstract Triptych for Corporate Client in Dallas TX

Abstract Art Texas Christopher Crane Triptych Contemporary Art Austin

Started reworking a large art piece for a Dallas Texas client that wanted specifically at triptych 12 feet long. Pre production image below. Looking forward to delivering to a happy new client. More and more corporate clients want large art pieces for lobbies and hall ways.    

Corporate Placement, Woodbolt International – Christopher Crane Abstract Art


Recently finished  a large 12 foot piece for Wodbolt International. This piece will go in their new corporate headquarters in Bryan Texas along with another peaceful piece that I haven’t seen yet… Rolling In. Some pre ship images of Glacial Below      

New Abstract Art in Austin Texas in Process, Christopher Crane

Abstract Art, Texas Christopher Crane backflow

New Abstract Works in Process in Austin. While working on several commissions for a corporate collection these mock ups came out.

Lady in Red

Rolling In

Back Flow

New Corporate Collection Placement

Corporate collection Placement Houston

These abstract art pieces just went into a corporate collection at 10 Park Place high rise in Houston- the funny thing is I remember when these corporate offices were built. I used to pass the development on the way to my grandparents house. I haven’t seen them but the art consultant sent me these pictures. I had to laugh because the canvasses are each over 6 feet long and they look tiny in that lobby! Art + Artisans is great to work with, I recommend them to any artist out there. Go by and check them out. 16430 Park 10 Place Houston, TX 77084 Christopher Crane  

City Hall, Here we come!


Just received the following email! This should be a lot of fun. Come to city hall next month and check it out!!  

City of Austin                                       

201 East 2nd Street, Austin, TX 78701, P.O. Box 1088, Austin, TX 78767-8839

Economic Growth and Redevelopment Services Office

Cultural Arts Division

  Christopher Crane   Dear Christopher,   On behalf of the City of Austin Cultural Arts Division, I am pleased to inform you that your artwork(s), listed below, has been selected for the 2013 People’s Gallery Exhibition at Austin City Hall.  The selection panelists reviewed all the submissions and recommended works for display in the available City Hall exhibition spaces.  These works are now being developed into a cohesive exhibition which will remain on view throughout the next year. Our call for entries yielded approximately 1,000 artwork entries from more than 240 applicants.  We congratulate you on being one of the artists selected from a competitive list of applicants.   The following work(s) have been accepted:   Brainmeadow, 2012, Ink on Moab archival paper   Subdivision, 2012, Archival paper on Acrylic Glass    

New Photos


Shot I took recently in a museum garden that was filled with artwork here in Austin. I overlaid  it with words for a website but really liked the result:  

Abstract artist austin TX, Yelp us out!

artist austin tx glacial series

Part of Austin Tx abstract artist Chris Crane the Glacial series

Glacial Series from abstract artist austin tx Chris Crane

I mentioned the other day that we now have an abstract artist listing in Austin on Yelp! Here is our listing!: Yelp us out! If you own the work or have seen the work and it clicks with you please go online and let the world know about the artwork! It shows that we have our offices on South Congress. If you ever are walking down South Congress and decide you have seen enough of Taco stands and used cowboy boots, call me! I probably need a break and will come out in my cowboy boots and see if you want to go get a taco and talk about art. But seriously… Especially since we are about to open our art for sale online go to Yelp and tell them about Abstract art in Austin … you know you want to.

Abstract Artist Austin ay!

Abstract Artist Austin Chris Crane

Being an Abstract Artist in Austin, TX has its advantages and its advantages. Right now it’s the love of being on the water, jogging around the lake, working on artwork outside and playing with my wife and son. Here is Oliver my son in his first Austin Texas summer, start em! early! We are on Yelp now here in Austin categorized under Arts and Entertainment. They didn’t have an Abstract Artist category.  If you have seen my work or own the work please go onto Yelp, look for our profile under Chris Crane Fine Art and give us a write up. Yelp us out!

Abstract Artist Austin Chris Crane

New Piece: Flotsam of the Light Hearted 40″ x 60″ panel with resin

Chris Crane fine art modern design flotsam of light 40" x 60"


Flight of the Crane! New website launching soon!

chris crane website launch soon!

chris crane website launch soon!

The Crane launches! New Chris Crane Fine Art website launching. Now with a full gallery of works and free downloads of images for all visitors. Come have a look!

Setting up at the gallery


Light em’ up!Image       Image     Image

New Work

Christopher Crane Fine Art, Composite piece, Art, Austin TX, Painter,

I am working on a new concept of composite pieces where I assemble images from different sheets. I clicked with them immediately when I finished the first one below. I have several others in process. This is going to take layering varying thicknesses of acrylic glass to pull off but the final pieces should look stunning. More soon! Also, a few new pieces will be at Lytle Pressley’s during the the West Austin Art Tour. Lytle’s is located on 1214 W 6th St. Austin TX 78703 on the 19th and 20th of May. I have family in town for the weekend so I probably will only be able to pop in for a few minutes on Saturday but feel free to talk to Lytle or myself if you have any questions:!!

Art, Taxes and Fujiflex

It will cost me 3x the Austin rate to mount these pieces here in Toronto!  In all of Canada there used to be  GST, the “Goods and Services Tax” as well as the provincial sales tax…. but that was just way too confusing and the queen likes to get her money in one grab. So now we have HST… “HARMONIZED Sales Tax”. Unfortunately, when you add HST to shipping, then to the product itself, then to the labor then to the final sale to the end consumer and then pile on import tax… it spells TKO for my ability to produce my art work here in the Canada because my work requires so many processes and resources. I have gone through the 8 stages of anger, denial and whatever else I went through and just gave up trying to produce Artwork in Canada. I ship the images to Texas, build the pieces there and then ship them off from there. Nuts! Sooo, with that long introduction, here are the HST free images of the pieces below! This first one is printed on to FujiFlex since Kodachrome has gone the way of floppy.
Abstract Crane "Baby Making Weather"
HST Free, Iron Oxide on mild steel transfer to Fujiflex
And here is a zoom of the same image.
Detail of Baby Making Weather
Detail of Spun Burst
This next one is also on Fujiflex but a much larger piece that I have been working on for at least 8 months. The original sheet of steel was producing images on both sides, something I try to avoid but the correct sheets are so hard to come by that when they produce I just have to use them regardless of how tedious.
Tsunami, Oxidized mild steel transferred to Fijiflex. 45″ x 45″
Thats all for now.  Keep Creating, keep sending it out into the world! Chris

Steel Hunter

Back in Austin from Toronto, and recently I took one of what has been many visits to Westbrook metal, my favorite purveyor here in Austin. This isn’t Yelp, but those guys do their jobs well and treat an interloper like myself with respect. I am an oddity in that place… most of the folks in there are contractors who are buying steel in bulk… clipboard, manifest, order.. and out. I peruse. It took me a long time to understand which sheets work well and which ones don’t and its nearly impossible to tell them apart because the production processes for steel are designed to produce in conformity. I will spend up to an hour pouring through the racks and stacks looking for a specific heat signature or type of steel. I get lost in it and when I leave and it seems like only minutes have gone by.  From time to time I hear one of the guys in the back say “Here comes tha looker!” I know what it is like to hold the clipboard, but when it comes to my art,  I measure my success in treasured moments and  captured visions. It feels both good and right to be out of place when being out of place means I am in my own space. -the looker Somewhere in Southern Ontario

Private Placement

Artwork placed in private collection in Austin TX. I managed to steal a few shots of “Impasto” before it was delivered and hung. It is a transfer of phosphoric acid on steel to archival photographic paper, face mounted to acrylic. That’s a mouthful
Chris Crane Fine Art Impasto
Chris Crane Fine Art Impasto
Chris Crane Fine Art Impasto
1/4″ Acrylic Glass