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Art, Taxes and Fujiflex

It will cost me 3x the Austin rate to mount these pieces here in Toronto!  In all of Canada there used to be  GST, the “Goods and Services Tax” as well as the provincial sales tax…. but that was just way too confusing and the queen likes to get her money in one grab. So now we have HST… “HARMONIZED Sales Tax”. Unfortunately, when you add HST to shipping, then to the product itself, then to the labor then to the final sale to the end consumer and then pile on import tax… it spells TKO for my ability to produce my art work here in the Canada because my work requires so many processes and resources. I have gone through the 8 stages of anger, denial and whatever else I went through and just gave up trying to produce Artwork in Canada. I ship the images to Texas, build the pieces there and then ship them off from there. Nuts! Sooo, with that long introduction, here are the HST free images of the pieces below! This first one is printed on to FujiFlex since Kodachrome has gone the way of floppy.
Abstract Crane "Baby Making Weather"
HST Free, Iron Oxide on mild steel transfer to Fujiflex
And here is a zoom of the same image.
Detail of Baby Making Weather
Detail of Spun Burst
This next one is also on Fujiflex but a much larger piece that I have been working on for at least 8 months. The original sheet of steel was producing images on both sides, something I try to avoid but the correct sheets are so hard to come by that when they produce I just have to use them regardless of how tedious.
Tsunami, Oxidized mild steel transferred to Fijiflex. 45″ x 45″
Thats all for now.  Keep Creating, keep sending it out into the world! Chris

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