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Art for sale online

Art for sale online, Chris Crane, art direct from artist!
Art for sale online

Art for sale online, come browse the gallery from your living room.

  I am opening the gallery doors for business online soon! With a little exposure I am getting quite the response so giving people the ability to shop online seemed that best way to drop all buying barriers and allow people to buy art direct.  
  • I will be selling my original artwork online direct to consumers in multiple formats and editions. For art collectors I will still sell the Chris Crane originals in very large format on fujiflex with 3/8″ plexi with very small or no editions.
  • For decorators I will of course also offer the originals but will also offer a few other options including fine art paper prints and
  • A very unique concept, which is pigment prints on clay board finished with resin in a gallery cradle.  The artwork in this last format has a beautiful feel and look and is more economical than the originals but still packs a punch.
  • Finally I am going to create a line of smaller pieces to be matted and framed. Its not clear to me if I will sell the pieces as framed artwork or not, I will just let the consumer decide. My work in galleries will stay there of course and if you are in Houston please go see Laura Rathe as she has some  pieces up!

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