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I wasn’t born an athlete or technologist or mathematician…but the ability to create artwork has always amazed me. My first memories as a kid are looking at a blank sheet and thinking ‘WHAT I AM ABOUT TO DO HAS NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE’. So in many ways that is what inspires me with fine art. [...]

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What is the meaning of Local Art? What is the value in owning art made from local artists? The push for local artists makes messaging difficult. I am an international artist… or am I a local Texas artist?… this is getting confusing. A buyer in Colorado assured me that he needed a local Texas artist [...]


(Click on the title above to see full post) Working on a new series with a new technique. Taking old Japanese Suminigashi technique and completely transformed it using ground pigments, carageenan, sea-weed extract, acrylic film and high resolution optics. I am very excited… here is a preview below and a link to the instagram account: [...]

Abstract art texas chris crane

Not shipped yet and managed to grap a few shots of this artwork before it left.